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when talonsoft first came out with their civil war battleground series of games, gamers were able to make and create their own maps and scenarios. as with all things, change is inevitable! hps came along and the gamers ability to create maps left the playing field. the only exceptions are the first releases of the hps corinth game which does allow for this capability. the last release of corinth to allow this capability is v1.01a. currently, maps and oob's in all other hps games are now locked down ... what a shame!!!

not saying this is a bad thing, this section is mainly for the talonsoft gamers who still have that creative flair! both the cartography office and the scenario design center have a wealth of information for the gamers who desire to exhibit their creative touch. enjoy!

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this site is designed to provide information on the way various files for the hps acw games work, how they affect the game and how they can be modified.

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collection of hps scenarios for corinth (pre-lockdown)

contact larry (notso) quick

contact larry (notso) quick
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