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may 17, 2010:

looks like there is an election brewing. general tisdale's term of office has expired and the board seems to be scurrying to hold a "proper" election. remember that even though only a lt general or higher can hold the office, any officer can nominate someone! stay tuned for upcoming dispatches!!!

splash...may 14, 2010:

there is a new look at the acwgc.org after months of waiting, and years of rumor abounding, the new look of the site has finally arrived! there has been a complete reworking of the site with added pics and such. we think you are going to love it!

flash...april 26, 2010:
richmond, va

gen. roger hulinsky declares his retirement from the club in a posting at the mason/dixon tavern in the "army of the mississippi" continuing thread. he will be sorely missed.

aotm chief of staff blake strickler steps in until a new ac is named.

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